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Matthew 7:21-27

          In the Day of Judgment many will say to me. In this gospel, this was said. This sentence is pointing out to the charismatic prophets who disturb his communities by not obeying precepts which are addressed to everyone. Whether we teach or work miracles, these abilities and ministries given us for the good of the community do not assure us that we are in the grace of God. True faith works through love and moves us to fulfill all the Law. When Jesus said that He who hears my words, he meant that to those listening to his words and are converted, they believe themselves already saved. But if they do not use their initial enthusiasm to build their lives on solid foundations, such as scriptural meditation, generosity, resistance to evil inclinations, sharing in the Christian community, then everything will tumble later on. On the day of the judgment, Jesus already told them that He won’t be as forgiving as He is now. He will become an inquisitor and He won’t accept excuses and He won’t forgive people on that time. That is why He told us people to be ready because we don’t know when that time is. We must already build a strong foundation and don’t wait for the Day of the Judgment to come. We must do good deeds before it is too late. Jesus will not accept our excuses and begs when the Day of the Judgment begin. He will become very strict and he wants everybody to be prepared that is why he told the people to start making their strong foundation NOW!

(Steffany Ann G. Caiban)


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