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Mt.7:21-27 [STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and…] March 6, 2011

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The message in today’s gospel is very clear. The Lord is telling us that just because we go to church or read the bible it does not mean that we can automatically enter his kingdom. We have to act on what we have heard and learned as well. We usually hear people telling us that we should always STOP, LOOK and LISTEN but don’t you think there’s a fourth word missing in that phrase? Well, I think there is one more word missing and that word would be ACT. Why act? We can always listen to what our parents, guardians and teachers keep telling us to do but if all we do is listen nothing will really happen which is why we should listen and then act and do something about what we have just heard. We can’t just go to school and listen to our teacher’s discussions, we have to use what we have learned in order to improve and become better students. We can’t just go to church and listen to what the priest is saying, we have to bring what has been told to us in action.

In the gospel, God is also telling us to be wise and build our house on the rock. This means that we should be hearing and responding disciples, not phony, superficial ones. In short, actions are stronger than words, which is why we should be obedient and do as God tells us to do. Practicing obedience creates the solid foundation to the storms and calamities we encounter in life.

-Francesca May T. Guico 🙂


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