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Christmas With Our Family December 28, 2010

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December 26, 2010

Gospel: Mt 2:13-15, 19-23*


There are things in life for which cannot be prepared in advance. Change takes us by surprise, circumstances shift. Then we must understand that what it is, it is God’s will for us. Then we must realize that God awaits somewhere else and go, in that night, toward the light that is God.

The Sunday’s gospel was about an angel of the Lord appearing in a dream to Joseph after the wise men had left. The angel told Joseph to to get up, take the child and his mother to flee to Egypt because Heron will soon be looking for that child in order to kill him. They had to stay there until the angel of the Lord appeared again in Joseph’s dream. Joseph was told again to get up and go back to Israel with the child and his mother for those who wanted the child killed are now dead. He followed what the angel has told him and went back to the land of Israel. He settled in a town called Nazareth. And since what was said by the prophets was fulfilled, the child shall be called a Nazorean (Nazarene): Jesus from Nazareth.

The reason why we celebrate Christmas is because we should do something for Jesus, since it is his birthday. Something good. Christmas isn’t all about celebration, giving and receiving gifts and more. Jesus was born on the 25th of December, and every time this day comes, all we have to do is be thankful that He was born. A lot of people had tried to kill him; they wanted him dead but because of God’s guidance and Joseph’s obedience, he was able to take care of the child and keep him alive. We celebrate Christmas because we are happy that Jesus was born and to thank Him for being our savior.

We all know that people should be happy during Christmas for it is a time of love, hope and forgiveness. One thing that will make our Christmas happy for sure is our family. Celebrations and gifts are nothing without our family, without the ones we love. Our family is what we call our ‘home’. Let us all live a life full of love and hope, and forgive those who had done us wrong. To me, it is enough that I can spend my Christmas with my family: my mom and dad, my sister and my brother. I thank God for the blessings He has showered upon me, for all the guidance he has given my family. I thank Him for my family and friends, I thank Him for Christmas, and most of all, I thank Him for Jesus.

kasi yute


ESCAPE TO EGYPT December 27, 2010

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Saint Matthew 2:13-15.19-23.
In this gospel, it is stated that the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and told him that they must flee to Egypt because Herod is killing the entire first born son because he is afraid that, that first born son will take over him. He is afraid that someone will be more powerful than him. So as the angel of the Lord had said, Joseph and his family flee to Egypt and stayed there until the angel told them so. They just went back when Herod died but His son took over so as the angel had said they went to Nazareth instead of going back to Israel. It is seen in the gospel that our Lord will really help us in times of trouble. We must just believe in Him and trust everything that he say for he knows what he is doing. He already planned our fate and we must trust him for that. Jesus really is intended to go to Nazareth for he is destined to go there for it is said that He will be called as a Nazorean. In this gospel, we can learn that everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing us accidents. God let this happen for us to learn our lesson or to learn from our mistakes. If he did not grant something we wish for, for sure, he is planning or giving us more than what we ask. He just wants what is best for us.
(Steffany Ann G. Caiban)


4 members in a family of 3

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Matthew 2:13-15 19-23

It’s funny how the world works because Jesus was already persecuted before he was even born, but in that deluded world three wise men came and wanted to show their respect to Baby Jesus and his family. These men came from Pagan countries but they respected the Faith and because of their faith the Holy Spirit inspired them to take part in the extraordinary event of Jesus’ Birth. The joyous celebration was short lived because of a warning coming from an angel that he should escape Egypt. Jesus being unable to runaway in his early stages was lucky to have a FAMILY which nurtured him and looked after him. So they were able to escape. Families are very important because they are somewhat sacred temples of life. Jesus gave us families in order for us to grow within them. With each member being as important as the other in the roles they play in our growth as a whole person. He also blessed men and women with sacrament of marriage to stay together and to help their spouse’s in everyday problems and struggles. It is sad to see the state of families nowadays. There are families that aren’t even close to the image God wanted for a family to be. These families aren’t interested in the creation of life but rather these pairs only get married because they are attracted to the pleasures and enjoyment of sex and they would also as much as they want to avoid the responsibility of bringing up a child. Those who reject life is rejecting God because God is life. We all have to remember that in every family of 3 there are 4. In that family of 3 there is the father, the mother and the child but the 4th member is God. Humbly waiting for you to accept him into your family, we all have to follow God as a family for the family to be well. God should be the center of the family, if we follow God’s teaching he’ll keep us safe. Everyday God saves us from dangers, God protects us, but nowadays he doesn’t send forth his angles anymore but sends his messages through family, the family he gave to us.

-Glenn Dale Desquitado-


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            This Sunday is the feast of the Holy Family. In today’s gospel, it describes how Joseph finds a way to make his family safe. He is the head of the family and so he is responsible for the safety of his wife and son. He has to find a way, no matter how hard it is to make his family safe. The Holy family consists of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The Holy Family is the family that we Catholics are ought to follow.

            All of us wish to have a complete family from the day we were born to the day of our last breath. But as we all know there is no such thing as a perfect family. A family often goes through challenges and problems that would somehow be the cause of breaking the bond of being together of some families. Yes, it is normal to fight and have problems, but it is a challenge for us to get through these problems and try to solve them. And so to be able to prevent those problems, we have to follow the Holy Family. The Holy Family stays strong because each one of them tries to understand one another. They trust each other. And most especially, they pray together to the Lord.  As what the famous saying states, “the family that prays together stays together”.

            I learned that as a member of a family, it is important to do everything you can to make the family’s bond last a lifetime, whether to be understanding, funny, or anything that gives a positive result. I realized how important it is to have a family. I realized that my parents, siblings and other relatives aren’t just people but they are the people that I can trust no matter what. These people are the people that complete my life. 

-Clarence Argayoso-


OHANA [Mt 2:13-15, 19-23] December 26, 2010

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OHANA is family, the basic unit of society. It consists of a father, a mother and at least one child. In the old times, the father was considered the head of the family. And like the father, the other had authority over their children but must also be submissive to the husband. The children must follow what their parents say out of respect. Everyone cares for one another. They stay together. No one gets left behind.

I believe that there are some changes to that idea in this century. Now it is ideal for both parents to be equals and they must decide family matters together. There is no difference between women and men. Not only that but it is more effective to decide with a second opinion rather than deciding something alone. Also, these days not all parents do what is best for their children. That is a fact, and a sad one at that. Every member of the family must value and respect one another but also listen to our consciences.

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family, the true example of what a family should be like. Here we see Joseph telling Mary several times that they must go to another place. An angel told him to do so in his dreams. Mary, being a good wife, submitted to Joseph’s request because she trusted him and she trusted God. She trusted the both of them to make the right choice for the good and safety of the family. I believe that is what most families lack right now, TRUST.

If we learn to trust one another, there is no need for doubt. We should strive to be like the Holy Family. For parents, like Joseph and Mary, strive to be good role models to your children and always think of the welfare of the family. Love your partner and treat them with respect, equality and care. Put your children first and always listen to God and your consciences. For the children, love and honor your parents by listening to and obeying them. If every family does all these things with the added factor of TRUST, there is no need for doubt. Trust each other to share the joys and sorrows of our lives. Trust each to think of what’s best for one another. Trust each other to learn and grow. Trust each other to LOVE and share that love with others.


[Shasta Grace D. Tiro]



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The time of waiting has ended. Christ our savior has been born! Everyone should be happy. There is no room for gloom and frowns. We could be happy for so many things, but I would just like to point out two reasons.

We should first be happy because we are alive, for breathing and bring this very moment. Be glad that we have the chance to celebrate such a glorious occasion. Be glad that we have the opportunity to spend this occasion celebrating at all. Be glad that you are able to simply be right now. We know that God is our supreme creator. He created everything and thus, has the power to destroy everything. God has the power to take a precious life at anytime, anywhere. He will do so, in time. Let us be glad that He has not done so yet.

We should also be happy because of God. He did not get angry at us for always disobeying Him. He did not become apathetic. He did not ignore us for always ignoring Him. Instead of being angry or apathetic, God gave Jesus, a part of Himself, and gave Him to us to care for. He transformed Himself into a vulnerable child, a baby boy wrapped in swaddling clothes. He could have simply appeared as a grown man. No. He did so despite the fact that our world is polluted, tainted and is filled with evil. He did so even if He knew someone was out to kill Jesus or the fact that man could have taken advantage of Him. He saw the good in man and wanted people to remember that there is still good in the world.

Be happy to be alive. Be happy to be able to eat and drink and eat some more. Be happy to be with your family. Be happy for God. Be happy for Jesus’ birth. In short, BE HAPPY.


[Shasta Grace D. Tiro]

  • PS: If we do not need a Christmas reflection, consider this as a dawn mass reflection, if ever we need one. XD


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The gospel today was about how Joseph managed to keep Jesus alive.  When the wise men left, an angel told Joseph to go and hide in Egypt.  He said that there was an evil king who wanted to kill all the new born babies in the country just to look for Jesus.  The king’s name was Herod.  So, Joseph fled to Egypt and he stayed there until the angel told him that it was safe to come back to Israel.  King Herod was dead.   Joseph and his family went to Galilee, because the angel sent him a dream to go there.  There, he settled in a town called Nazareth.

I think the gospel is trying to communicate to us that God always has a plan for us and that He will always look out for us.  Each of us is given a purpose and He will always be there to give us a guiding hand on what to do.  But, it is our choice to follow through with it or not.  The gospel today shows us what happens when we follow what He says.  If we just trust and have faith and follow His teachings we will live a more fulfilling life, knowing that we have done the right thing.  Joseph followed what the angel said to him without question.  That takes a lot of guts.  I think that all of us should at least try to follow him and do the things that we think God approves of.  It may be very difficult, but I think that it would all be worth it.

-Kathrine Lorenzena N. Saniel