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November 30, 2010

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The gospel talks about the end of days. God is warning us to be ready when this time will come. It comes like a thief and no one know when it will come. If we know when this will happen, we will prepare for it. But God does not want that. He wants us to be prepared by being watchful all the time. This does not mean to see the signs in the sky but to be watchful with our own lives. We have to make sure that we live in accordance to the commandments of God. We have to make sure that we are travelling in the path of God that will lead us to heaven. Secondly, the gospel is telling us that God is not just a loving father, a savior, a creator, a healer, but also a judge. We see Jesus nailed on the cross that proves that God is our savior. We look up to God as our real father and we hope to join him as a member of his family in heaven. We know that only God created the universe and mankind and that no matter how science disputes it, God is still the Supreme Being who created everything. In this gospel, God is a judge who will look into how we manage to live the life he gave us as a precious gift. He will judge us according to how we love other people. He will judge us on how faithful we are to him.