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JESUS: Coming Soon November 29, 2010

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Matthew 24:37–44

The gospel talked of the story of Noah and the ark. God was not pleased with man at that time and wanted to punish them. He told Noah that a great flood was coming and that he should make a big ark. Noah was a good man and wanted to save the other people. He tried to warn the people but they would not listen. They thought he was insane and simply went back to being merry. In the end only Noah, his family and a pair of every animal there was were sparred.

The gospel last Sunday is telling us not to be like those people who were swept away by the flood. We all know that Jesus has gone up to Heaven but will be coming back to Earth a second time. Unfortunately no one knows when He will come again. The gospel is telling us to be like Noah, who listened to God and prepared for the punishment that was to come. We already know that Jesus will come again. We should use that to our advantage and make way for Him.

In this day and age making way for Jesus is a difficult thing to do. We always seem to be too busy with Earthly activities and objects. We are so caught up with these things that we barely have any time to spend for Jesus and God. That is wrong. We should realize once again that everything that we have and do here are secondary. We should always put God first. We should truly prepare for the second coming of Jesus because we do not know when that will happen. Jesus could be coming today, decades from now or SOON. Thus we should be prepared all the time.  We can start by allocating a bit more time into prayer everyday. Follow the commandments. Most importantly we should take the lessons that we have learned from these gospels to heart. They are the key to truly following the Lord.


[Shasta Grace D. Tiro]