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Be Prepared (my reflection on the gospel Mt 24:37-44) November 29, 2010

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We are all afraid of judgment day, the day when god will judge all of mankind and deciding whether we belong to his left side or right side. Judgment day will come like a thief in the night, in the hour when you least expect him to enter.

The gospel talks about our sinful ways and how we take our God for granted. it talks about how the ones prepared shall be spared and those who are not will perish in the great flood that is to come.

Death can knock on your door with you least expecting it. It does not choose who dies, and when it is your time, you have got to go. Since death is the time when we are judged before god and the angels, we ought to be prepared. Starting now, while we are still alive, we must prove to Jesus how worthy we are of his heavenly kingdom. We prove to him by following his commandments wholeheartedly, with passion and to surrender ourselves to him, with no regret. We do good deeds every time we get the chance, so that we shall be spared from the perpetual flames of hell.

We do not need to wait for New Year to change. It is really a sorry excuse to wait for the New Year and to make a resolution to change. Every day is an opportunity, but we end up wasting every second on useless things. Let change start now. Take control of your life. you have to wake up and see that you are to do better and greater things for the good of everyone, to be prepared for judgment day, to be prepared to be accepted in heaven.


-Armin D. Narciso Jr.