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November 30, 2010

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The gospel talks about the end of days. God is warning us to be ready when this time will come. It comes like a thief and no one know when it will come. If we know when this will happen, we will prepare for it. But God does not want that. He wants us to be prepared by being watchful all the time. This does not mean to see the signs in the sky but to be watchful with our own lives. We have to make sure that we live in accordance to the commandments of God. We have to make sure that we are travelling in the path of God that will lead us to heaven. Secondly, the gospel is telling us that God is not just a loving father, a savior, a creator, a healer, but also a judge. We see Jesus nailed on the cross that proves that God is our savior. We look up to God as our real father and we hope to join him as a member of his family in heaven. We know that only God created the universe and mankind and that no matter how science disputes it, God is still the Supreme Being who created everything. In this gospel, God is a judge who will look into how we manage to live the life he gave us as a precious gift. He will judge us according to how we love other people. He will judge us on how faithful we are to him.



Prepare for the coming of Jesus

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Matthew 24:37-44
Be ready for the most important event of all – the coming of Jesus Christ. This was the message of the gospel. Also the gospel shows that we cannot tell when this important event will happen so we must always be ready.
The gospel today mentioned the famous story of Noah’s ark. As God was watching the earth, He noticed that the people were feasting, drinking and marrying. God was disappointed so He told Noah to make an ark and get 2 (male and female) of every creature. Noah did what he was told and during the time of the great flood they were saved.
When we wait for Jesus Christ we should prepare. It is similar to when we are waiting for a very important visitor; we clean our house and prepare food for them.  This time of waiting is called Advent. The Advent season reminds us that we are living in the end times. The end times begin with the coming of Jesus and ends on His Day of Judgment.
The gospel also shows that God gives warnings when He is disappointed. The boat and the coming flood was the warning. But did the people listen to Noah? No, instead they made fun of him and continued their feast. So in times when we think everything is wrong, we should think that God is not punishing or leaving us, instead he is warning us to go back to the right path.
So we must “clean” ourselves and prepare our hearts and souls in welcoming the son of God, Jesus Christ.
– Charlotte Louise Maglasang

JESUS: Coming Soon November 29, 2010

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Matthew 24:37–44

The gospel talked of the story of Noah and the ark. God was not pleased with man at that time and wanted to punish them. He told Noah that a great flood was coming and that he should make a big ark. Noah was a good man and wanted to save the other people. He tried to warn the people but they would not listen. They thought he was insane and simply went back to being merry. In the end only Noah, his family and a pair of every animal there was were sparred.

The gospel last Sunday is telling us not to be like those people who were swept away by the flood. We all know that Jesus has gone up to Heaven but will be coming back to Earth a second time. Unfortunately no one knows when He will come again. The gospel is telling us to be like Noah, who listened to God and prepared for the punishment that was to come. We already know that Jesus will come again. We should use that to our advantage and make way for Him.

In this day and age making way for Jesus is a difficult thing to do. We always seem to be too busy with Earthly activities and objects. We are so caught up with these things that we barely have any time to spend for Jesus and God. That is wrong. We should realize once again that everything that we have and do here are secondary. We should always put God first. We should truly prepare for the second coming of Jesus because we do not know when that will happen. Jesus could be coming today, decades from now or SOON. Thus we should be prepared all the time.  We can start by allocating a bit more time into prayer everyday. Follow the commandments. Most importantly we should take the lessons that we have learned from these gospels to heart. They are the key to truly following the Lord.


[Shasta Grace D. Tiro]



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Matthew 24: 37-44
In this gospel, it is clearly stated that we must be ready always for the coming of the Son of Man because we will never know when and where it will happen. Like the story of Noah’s Ark, they didn’t know that a flood will come so they just waited in the ark that Noah made. Some people also did not believe about this so they were all drowned. It is also like the coming of the Son of the Man, many people will not believe and that on the day that the Son of the Man will arrive, they will all not be ready and that they will regret that they did not believe that He will come. He will come in unexpected times, the times that we won’t expect that He will come. So, we must all be ready and stay awake for the coming of the Son of the Man for we will not know what will happen to us the day the Son of the Man will come.
Everybody of us must be aware that the Son of the Man will arrive for we must all glorify and praise Him. There was also an example stated that goes like if the owner of the house knows when the thief will come, so he must have then stayed wake and waited in order for the thief not to enter their house. This example is connected with the gospel today because if we don’t know when the Son of Man will come, who knows what will happen to us.
(Steffany Ann G. Caiban)


Matthew 24:37-44

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Matthew 24:37-44
The Gospel tells us about the 2nd coming of Christ.  No one will know when the 2nd coming of Christ will be but God alone.  The 1st coming was during the great flood.  Nobody knew when it came but Noah then all sinners perished. There was no warning, only Noah knew that the end was near he tried to tell the people but no one believed him.
This time Jesus is preparing us for the 2nd coming of Christ.  He wants us to be ready when the time comes.  He wants us to repent and do good things and deeds.  He is asking us to follow Him by obeying His commandments and listening to the words of God through the mass, bible studies, do charity works, obeying our elders, respecting others, etc.  This task of Jesus is very hard because there are a lot of us who are sinners but if we start within ourselves then it will be a great help already.  We want Jesus to be happy and I myself want Jesus to be happy.  That is why, in my own small ways I try to do all the right things.  Whenever I hear or see others doing something bad or saying something bad, I try to correct them.  One time my attention was called by our teacher regarding a picture I took.  Even if I had no hand on the issue that came up but because I was the one who took the picture, I asked for forgiveness because it was the right thing to do.  I took my share of apologizing with all sincerity.  For others, this is not an easy task to do.  But it was okay with me, being a good catholic, a server in church and an active member of our community, I am proud to say that I have already started preparing myself for the 2nd coming of Christ.
As Rev. Fr. Butch said during his homily last Sunday, for us to be prepared for the 2nd coming of Christ, we must follow the 3 pillars of faith.  These are Prayer, Fasting and Abstinence and Engaging ourselves in works of Charity and Mercy.

Dan David M. Tan


Don’t Be On His Naughty List

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Saint Matthew 24:37-44.

The Gospel yesterday tells us to be ready for the time that is to come. We all know that our time is limited on this Earth and that we have no idea when that time will end. That time will only come when we’ve reached our limit or when God sees us as unfit to be worthy of his Gifts which is the Earth and everything in it. And what we mean by “The Time” is the day of absolute cleansing of the world’s sins, just like that of Noah’s time or simply our death. Our Father’s just anger is only being pacified by the Divine Mercy of Jesus, but the time will come when this world must give way to the new world as He has predicted. Sin fills us with pride and makes our souls weak and susceptible to losing our fear in God. It is very hard to vanquish evil in a soul that has been perverted. But God himself give us the strength and fills us with the desire to purify ourselves through penance when we are lost within any form of evil, this comes in the form of our conscience. He knocks on every heart, Jesus doesn’t want anyone to suffer. He is inviting us to be purified before it is too late to do so. Death come’s without warning, it does not choose age, sex or race. No one can escape from it. We have to prepare ourselves as much as we possibly can, in order to strengthen our spirit. We have to close our doors to all evil intentions and thoughts, so that we can maintain a state of purity when that time of judgment comes and so that Santa won’t place us on his naughty list 🙂

-Glenn Dale M. Desquitado


Our Time?

Our Time?


Be Prepared (my reflection on the gospel Mt 24:37-44)

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We are all afraid of judgment day, the day when god will judge all of mankind and deciding whether we belong to his left side or right side. Judgment day will come like a thief in the night, in the hour when you least expect him to enter.

The gospel talks about our sinful ways and how we take our God for granted. it talks about how the ones prepared shall be spared and those who are not will perish in the great flood that is to come.

Death can knock on your door with you least expecting it. It does not choose who dies, and when it is your time, you have got to go. Since death is the time when we are judged before god and the angels, we ought to be prepared. Starting now, while we are still alive, we must prove to Jesus how worthy we are of his heavenly kingdom. We prove to him by following his commandments wholeheartedly, with passion and to surrender ourselves to him, with no regret. We do good deeds every time we get the chance, so that we shall be spared from the perpetual flames of hell.

We do not need to wait for New Year to change. It is really a sorry excuse to wait for the New Year and to make a resolution to change. Every day is an opportunity, but we end up wasting every second on useless things. Let change start now. Take control of your life. you have to wake up and see that you are to do better and greater things for the good of everyone, to be prepared for judgment day, to be prepared to be accepted in heaven.


-Armin D. Narciso Jr.