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Humble Yourself In The Lord’s Presence For His Presence Is Everywhere October 25, 2010

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Luke 18:9-14

The gospel yesterday was about humbling yourself before God and rest of humanity. The pharisee prayed and thanked that he was not like the rest of the world; extortioners, unjust, adulterers he sees himself as above all humanity. He think highly of himself. He thinks that he’s better than all the rest. He also believes that he is fully committed to his faith; fasting twice a day, with this he thinks that he is deserving of God’s love. While the tax collector did not dare go near the temple nor did he look up to the sky. The tax collector showed humility, knowing that he was a sinner he was ashamed and felt unworthy of God’s presence and audience. We should all show the same kind of attitude in our lives. We shouldn’t be like the pharisee. We shouldn’t judge other people because there is only one Lawgiver and Judge and that is God himself. You can’t call yourself just, if there is only one who’s just. You can’t call yourself Holy, if there is only one who is holy. If you want to impress God then we should renounce ourselves. In other words we have to disregard our own opinion and humbly accept God’s Judgment. We become humble when we accept the fact that we are nothing but dust in the presence of the Lord. The Lord made us from dust and to dust shall we return. God showed us humility through example. He lowered his Divinity to our human form. God does not despise those who are proud, he will resist until they become humble once more. When you’re humble you will always find a reassuring welcome in the love of his heart.

-Glenn Dale M. Desquitado-


Humble Yourself In The Lord's Presence For His Presence Is Everywhere

Humble Yourself In The Lord's Presence For His Presence Is Everywhere